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Quality & Risk

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention and skillful execution.” ~William A. Foster

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Quality & Risk: Services
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Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance approach is firmly grounded in Quality at the Source (QATS) – a Lean Production principle that measures quality at every step of the productive process and the responsibility of each empowered individual that contributes to the production effort. This emphasis on built-in quality can help you realize significant improvement in product/service quality, cost and delivery.


Cybersecurity Assessment

Our approach to cybersecurity assessments is grounded in Systems Thinking – an understanding of a system that goes beyond observing specific events to examining the patterns, linkages and interactions between the elements that make the entirety of the system. This holistic technique to examining and enhancing defense mechanisms against cyber-attacks can provide you with the confidence that cyber-assets are well protected against threats and vulnerabilities.


Internal Audit & Compliance

Our approach to internal audit and compliance begins with the Kano Model – a central tenet of Lean auditing with an emphasis on gaining a deeper appreciation of what each of the different stakeholders of an internal audit want, and just as importantly, what they do not want. This efficient prioritization of differing stakeholders needs and expectations guides audit planning, which can provide you with valuable insight into an audit's true scope and objectives.

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Quality Control

Our quality control approach embraces the principles of  Jidoka – a Lean method that incorporates the automatic detection of errors or defects during production – when a defect is detected, the halting of the production compels immediate attention to the problem.  This proven engineering technique can provide you with assurance that automation and on-demand delivery/deployments do not compromise quality.

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