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Engineering & Implementation

"Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing." ~Henry Petroski

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Engineering & Implementation: Services

Software Engineering

Our software engineering approach is based on Kanban – a Lean framework for managing the creation of products/services with an emphasis on continual delivery while not overburdening the development team. This predictable-flow efficiency can help you deliver features faster, increase responsiveness to change, and balance demand against productive capacity.


CI/CD (Pipeline) Engineering & Implementation

Our approach to Pipeline engineering and implementation adapts the principles of flexible automation – a Lean Production technique enabling different production runs with similar tooling requirements to use the same Pipeline. This proven automation engineering technique can help you improve efficiency by evolving the Pipeline with process and demand, reducing/fixing production costs, and improving quality.


Infrastructure Engineering & Implementation

Our infrastructure engineering and implementation approach embraces Infrastructure-as-Code – a consistent, scalable and secure process to quickly provision and manage IT infrastructure through the use of tooling and source code. This automated provisioning/deprovisioning of environments can help you lower infrastructure operating costs as cloud resources are engaged only when needed, and engineers spend less time performing repetitive, manual work.


Project Management

Our project management approach is founded on Lean Management principles – a capable, informed and cohesive workforce focused on activities that deliver value and undistracted by non-value-add endeavors.  This attention to team unity and value streams can help you decrease overall project costs by improving productivity, eliminating waste, and mitigating risk across the value chain.

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