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Business & Technical Architecture

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  ~Leonardo da Vinci

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Business & Technical Architecture: Services

Security Architecture

Our security architecture approach applies the principles of active defense – activities and technology integrated into production processes and toolchains that defend against attack, survive compromise, and adapt to adversary changes. This potent resilience to cyber-attacks can help you reduce costs, eliminate downtime, and preserve consumer trust.

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Application Architecture

Our application architecture approach is grounded in Domain-driven Design (DDD) – a practical model with a rich understanding of the processes/rules that guide business and technical domains. Not bound to any particular architectural style or framework, our pragmatic DDD technique can help you accelerate complex software development with true business alignment.

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CI/CD (Pipeline) Architecture

Our Pipeline architecture approach begins with our proven reference- and domain-specific models – resources that can help both nascent and experienced DevOps teams quickly select appropriate tooling, tailor process flows, and stand-up replicated production environments.  This vendor-neutral quick-start methodology can help you construct or improve build/test/deploy environments for application and infrastructure-as-code release candidates.

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Infrastructure Architecture

Our infrastructure architecture approach embraces vendor independence – standards-based multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and edge solutions that bolster resilience and avoid vendor lock-in. This design autonomy can allow you the flexibility run workloads within the most appropriate environments – whether the goal is to take advantage of cost savings or capitalize on performance optimization opportunities.

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 Process Reengineering/Improvement

In lieu of a single-minded focus on cost reduction and elimination of labor, our Lean business and technical process reengineering/improvement approach places emphasis on increasing the quality of products, services, and processes. This change in the value proposition can positivity transform your organization's competitive position and customer brand perception.

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